10 Beauty Secrets From Across the Globe That You Must Know

Wondering how women from Latin America, Italy, Europe, and Asia have a mesmerizing beauty? It seems that beautiful hair, skin, nails and health comes naturally to them.

Exploring the ocean of beauty secrets in their natural habitat, one does not need to travel across the globe. Revealing the secrets of women across the world, here is your quick guide:

  1. Manuka Honey from New Zealand

The sweet honey is a super-food with powerful immune boosters and properties of antibacterial and antimicrobial. Kick start your day with delicious energizing drink. Add a teaspoon of Manuka honey in a glass of lemon water. This drink not only helps you recharge your body but prevents from common cold and various infections.

  1. Milk Bath from Egypt

Did you know raw milk is good for your skin? Cleopatra’s beauty was breathtaking which changed the history of Roman Empire. The secret to Cleopatra’s beauty lay in bathing regularly with milk.

Daily bathing in a tub of milk like Cleopatra might get expensive for us, but one can use two cups of powdered milk in bath tub or bucket.  Milk softens the skin, removing the dead cells gives a supple and healthy skin.

  1. Camellia Oil from China

Fighting with stretch marks with various creams and solutions? Do try a secret coming straight from China – Camellia Oil.  The oil has great properties which help reduces the discolouration of skin, treating the stretch marks and gives a well nourished skin.

  1. Argan Oil from Morocco

Jet black hair is a trademark of Moroccan women. The secret beholds in the Argan Oil.  The oil is very light in nature and has great effects on hair, along with other countless benefits.

Argan oil is commonly used to treat frizzy and brittle hair. Massage argan oil on your hair before bed and let it set overnight. Wash your hair with gentle shampoo for shiny, nourished and beautiful hair.

  1. Yogurt and Olive Oil from Italy

The secret of long glossy locks of Italian women are hidden in the kitchen. A homemade conditioner made by mixing one cup of plain yogurt and one teaspoon olive oil. The guide to use this mixture is to apply on wet hair and rinse well with cold water for shiny hair.

  1. Cranberry Juice from Spain

Cranberries are powerful health boosters, controlling blood pressure, blood sugar, depression, and also are good for hair. To get the magnificent Spanish hair, mix ¼ cup of cranberry juice in ¼ cup water and rinse your hair after your shower. Under the sun, the effects of sweet cranberries come out alive with rich its natural glossy hues.

  1. Swiss Sauna from Sweden

Ever wondered to have your own sauna at home? The Swiss secret of sauna is a mixture made of 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, 2 -3 drops of olive oil and handful of rock salt. Massage the mixture on your body and rest for five minutes before rinsing with cold water. It is the easiest way to have a soft and supple skin.

  1. Matcha Green Tea Powder from Japan

The porcelain skin of Japanese women is the most envied. The secret guide to their healthy skin is a cup of tea prepared from Matcha green tea powder.

The Matcha green tea powder is rich in antioxidant and minerals, which help in reducing fat, boost energy, and have anti-aging properties. A sip of tea will get you back to the everlasting youthfulness.

  1. Potato Slices from Spain

Tea bags, cucumber slices, tomato are gone by treatments for dark circles. Potato slices lightens the skin around the eyes, which helps in fading of the dark circles. Cut thin slices of potato and apply them over your eyes for 10 minutes and say goodbye to dark circles.

  1. Lemon Juice from France

French nails are most desired among women across the globe. Stop fretting about stained and brittle nails and treat them with the secret of French revere.  Dip your fingers in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes and soak in vitamins and calcium for shiny and beautiful stain free nails.

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