5 Precautionary measures that a bride needs to take before her “D” Day

The wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life. It marks the beginning of a new era, a new phase and a new journey for her. All her dreams about how wonderful she will look or how fairytale like her wedding will be await to be fulfilled! And despite all the lows and highs that go behind all the wedding planning and all the little tensions and problems in arrangements, the one thing that a bride wants to be perfect is her wedding day look as a gorgeous bride. So we get you 5 things that a bride needs to take care of beforehand to be comfortable and look effortless beautiful and timelessly elegant.

1. High Heels

Never wear your wedding shoes right away on the wedding day. New shoes, especially high heels tend to give shoe bites and might hurt your toes too. So wear them a few times before the wedding in the house (not outside as they might get dirty) to wear them out a little and before putting them on, on the D-Day, put some cotton on both end of the shoe. Also, you can tape the last three fingers together to avoid shoe bites.

2. The Wedding Dupatta
If your wedding outfit comes with a heavy Dupatta, avoid wearing it over your head. It will become very difficult for you to move your head throughout the function and you will most likely end up with a head or neck ache considering the added weight of the millions of pins and hair accessories to hold up your stylish hairstyle. Instead, drape the heavy Dupatta around your waist and over your shoulder and buy a lighter matching dupatta, preferably net, to take over your head. The transparent net will also allow your back and hairstyle to show.

3. The Heavy Dangling Earrings
The only solution for this is to either go in for imitation jewelry that looks heavy but actually isn’t or, if you can’t choose that option and have to wear heavy danglers, apply boroline or an antiseptic ointment on your earring holes before putting them on.

4. Makeup Type
The sweat, the tears and the smoke in front of the mandap are all reasons for your makeup to smudge or spread. So whatever be the season of your wedding, go for a light WATERPROOF or even an airbrush make up look.

5. The Embroidery On The Outfit With Regard To The Type Of Jewelry Being Worn
If you are wearing heavy jewelry for your wedding with an intricate embroidery on your lehenga/ sari, in most likeliness you will spend most of your time untangling your jewelry with your clothes. Thus, select both carefully and carry off whatever you wear effortlessly.

A little pre planning and effort can help you be extremely comfortable on the most amazing day of your life. It can save you a hell lot of discomfort and let you enjoy your wedding as much as other around you do.

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