Beauty benefits of Tea and Tea bag

Indians love tea! We drink it all the time, when we are stressed, bored or when we simply want to relax. But did you know that the humble tea is actually a very versatile beauty ingredient? Surprised? Well, read on to find out more about the beauty benefits of tea and tea bags

Cool down your sunburnt skin

If you did not follow the basic skin care advice of applying sunscreen ebfore venturing out in the sun, then fret not! A tea bag will come to your rescue. Just dip the tea bag in some water so that it becomes moist and apply it on the affected area to reduce the burning sensation. If you are sunburnt all over, then you must soak some tea bags in your bath tub and lie down for a while.

Reduce your eye’s puffiness

Tired and puffy eyes make you look terrible. So for an instant pick me up, soak a couple of tea bags in warm water and place them on your eyes.Tea contains tannins, which will soothe your eyes in just twenty minutes!

Make a homemade dye

If the chemicals that dyeing products contain is making your head reel, then you should definitely consider making a dye out of tea and herbs. All you need is three tea bags, some rosemary, sage and a cup of boiling water. Add them together and let them soak in the water overnight. In the morning, after you shampoo your hair, pour some on your head slowly. Remove the excess with your towel but do not rinse your hair. Do this for a few times and you will see the difference.

Use it as a conditioner
If dry hair is the bane of your existence then you should definitely brew a litre of unsweetened tea. Simply use it to rinse your hair after shampooing and you will see the lustre return to your hair slowly.

Get rid of painful boils
If you have an extremely painful or boil, which is irritating you then all you need to do is cover it with a boiled tea bag that has been cooled. Keep it overnight and you will see that the pain has drastically reduced.

DIY spa
Instead of spending a bomb on regular spa treatments, you should definitely try to enjoy a spa session at home. All you need is some water, large bowl and a green tea bags. Boil some water along with green tea bags and place a towel over your face. Lean on to the steaming water and allow the vapour to do its magic. Continue this for ten minutes and you fill find that your skin is breathing better and is feeling nourished .

As a face scrub
Green tea is an amazing ingredient and it is used in number of high end beauty products. You, too can incorporate it in your beauty routine by making a scrub. Mix green tea, water and sugar granules together and use it as a scrub to get rid of all the impurities. This scrub will definitely make your skin glow.

Face mask
Baking soda coupled with honey and green tea makes an amazing face mask for your skin. Mix these three ingredients together to gently exfoliate your skin and flush out all the toxins.

Toner for dry skin
The best and the most natural way to tone your dry skin is to spritz it with some green tea twice a day. It will not only get rid of all the dirt and grime but will also shrink your pores, giving you a beautiful glow.

Tea bags and green tea definitely have a number of beauty benefits. Incorporate them in your beauty regime.

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