Discover the real meaning of makeover

If you happen to be one of those who always thought that makeovers are only for the rich and the famous, to-be brides and socialites, you need to reconsider your thoughts on this subject right away! They aren’t really as expensive as you think they might be, rather they happen to be very easy on […]


Six weeks to Bridal Radiance

What every bride needs on her wedding day is a wow look on everybody’s face once she walks the aisle. Healthy glowing skin, healthy tresses and a well sculpted body is what will imbue her with confidence. Often, with so much to plan, do and organize before the run up to the D day brides […]


10 Beauty Secrets From Across the Globe That You Must Know

Wondering how women from Latin America, Italy, Europe, and Asia have a mesmerizing beauty? It seems that beautiful hair, skin, nails and health comes naturally to them. Exploring the ocean of beauty secrets in their natural habitat, one does not need to travel across the globe. Revealing the secrets of women across the world, here […]