Low Calorie Food Ideas for Wedding Menu

Somehow it is difficult to imagine an Indian wedding without thinking of all the mouth-watering food that is served in the buffet. Of course, it can be quite torturous for those on a diet or looking to cut down on calories intake since that would entail going hungry most of the times. There are a few additions that one can make to the menu which will solve this problem while making the buffet more inviting.

While it may seem impossible to imagine low calorie food and Indian weddings in the same sentence, it is not completely unachievable. With a little consultation with your caterer, you can try these low calorie food ideas that will make your banquet mouth-watering yet healthy.

  • Mediterranean Cuisine

While the addition of Mediterranean Cuisine to your wedding menu will make it more exotic, it will also make it healthier. Greek food is known for being low in calories and is quite new in the Indian wedding buffet.

  • Salad Bar

Have an elaborate salad bar with lots of fresh greens and sprouts with different dressings options so that people can control their own calorie intake.

  • Raita

Yogurt is low in calories while being packed with nutrition. Do not forget to include a fancy cucumber raita to not only balance the spicy food but also keep the calorie conscious happy.

  • Beverages

Do something different for the beverage menu and include buttermilk and vegetable juices as options. Not only will it be unique but also very low in calories. If you are thinking of having an alcoholic menu then champagne is the lower in calories than other options.

  • South Indian

Everyone knows that South Indian food items are not only filling and delicious but also very healthy. Have variations of the simple idly by trying New-Age fusions such as Oats Idly. The Ragi Dosa is also a very healthy and filling option. The famous Rasam and Rice can be a welcome addition to the menu as well as uncommon.

  • Vegetable curry

The best part about preparing mixed vegetable curries is that it can be made using very little oil but still nothing detracts from the overall taste.

  • Tandoori skewers

Baking and grilling items give it a lower calorie count while adding oodles of flavor and texture. These are very good items not only as appetizers but also for those looking for a quick meal fix.

  • Breads

The Tandoori Roti remains a favorite for those who are looking to cut down the excess flab while enjoying delicious food. Made with whole wheat and served with or without butter, this simple bread works beautifully with almost all curries and vegetables.

  • Fish

Seafood lovers swear by the taste as well as the health quotient of the fish. It is versatile enough to be grilled, baked, steamed or even fried. It is also one dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways from the Fish curry to the steamed lemon fish.

  • Paneer

Wedding buffets cannot be complete without a Paneer item. Instead of the regular Masala Paneer or the rich varieties in heavy gravies, opt for a Palak Paneer that requires very little oil and masala and is rich with the nutrients of spinach.

With so many options to choose from, it is not difficult to set aside a menu that will be good not only for those on a diet but also by those wishing to indulge in the rich offerings at weddings.

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