Most Effective Lemon Face Masks for Brightened Bridal Skin Tone

There is nothing like lemon juice for curing many skin related problems and getting brightened bridal skin tone. Its acidic nature lends it certain properties that make it excellent for brightening the skin, lightening blemish marks and helping acne prone skin. However, there is something like too much lemon as well. Here are the most effective lemon face masks for brightened bridal skin tone.

Lemon juice
Squeeze out the juice from a lemon and apply it all over your face with the help of a cotton ball. Wash off after an hour. Doing this daily can improve the skin tone as well as lighten any scar marks.

#1. Lemon, milk, and honey for brightened bridal skin tone.
Mix the three ingredients together in a bowl and apply to the face. Let it dry for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

#2. Lemon and potato face mask
There is nothing more effective than a combination of lemon and potato – both known for their skin lightening properties. The best part is it is available, easily. Mix both juices and apply on the body. Wash after about fifteen minutes.

#3. Lemon, tomato and turmeric face mask
Combine the goodness of lemons with that of tomato (lycopene and antioxidants) and turmeric (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory etc). In a bowl, mix together lemon juice with tomato pulp and a little turmeric to form a paste. Leave it on for an hour before washing off.

#4. Lemon, cream, and saffron face mask

Soak saffron in cream overnight and in the morning make a paste using a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this to get a natural glow and improved skin tone. Wash off with warm water.

While lemon has some amazing benefits for the skin there are some things that one must keep in mind before applying these face masks. There should not be any open wounds else applying this will be very uncomfortable. Also, those with sensitive skin should be super careful while using lemon as it may cause a reaction. You should remember to apply sunscreen generously when using lemon daily since it tends to make the skin more sensitive to the harmful effects of UV rays.

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