Quick Bridal Nutritional Tips

Whether you are watching your waistline or just want to get healthy for the wedding, we have bridal nutrition tips to make sure you look and feel your best on your big day. Remember, it takes 30 days to form a habit so start today!

Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day:
Eating smaller meals instead of three large meals should keep you full throughout the day, cut down on mindless snacking, increase metabolism and decrease stress eating or “empty calories.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking water throughout the day will keep you hydrated which may also make you feel full. Did you know hunger pangs can actually be a sign that you are thirsty? How much should you drink daily? The minimum amount of water for a healthy person is eight to ten eight-ounce glasses a day.

Reduce Intake of Sugar and Salt
Think about the saltiest foods you eat: fast food, chips, cookies, processed soups, or cheese.“Those are big sources of sodium, and of course they have other things in there like sugar and fat, which will cause weight gain if eaten in large amounts over time. If you are a coffee lover, switch to black coffee or a cup of green tea today.

Begin a regular exercise program
DO Exercise at least 30 minutes a day , five days a week, if not every day.Exercise relieves stress, improves your stamina and gives you energy. Just make sure your wedding workout is two things – something you enjoy doing and something you can fit into your schedule.

Smart Snacks
Eating a snack or two between meals can curb hunger so that you don’t inhale the dining room table when you finally sit down to supper.Here is what our nutritionist suggests. Give yourself powerhouse of antioxidant vitamin E, immune-boosting zinc, plenty of energizing B vitamins, and even some anti-inflammatory omega-3s.”
Fruits(apple, oranges, banana, guava and berries),
nuts(almonds, walnuts, raisins), muesli bar/ granola bar,
roasted snacks(Chana, peanuts,moong),
fresh veggie salads(carrots,cucumber,tomato,broccoli)

Our Nutritionist says BIG NO to these foods.
French fries,potato chips,Pastries, cookies and cakes
All sugary drinks and sodas, White bread,Ice creams
Candy bar,High calorie coffee drinks
Packaged juices All processed foods

All the best Girls!!!

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